The Chamber’s Business Advocacy & Government Affairs Department

The Business Advocacy & Government Affairs Department coordinates advocacy efforts on behalf of members and the business community in Hawaii.  The goals are to improve the business climate and build a stronger economy through participation in legislative activities, such as maintaining open communication between state, government and county officials on business issues, building relationships with other organizations to create support for the business community, and working directly with members to determine what issues are of concern to the business community in the State of Hawaii.
The primary duties of the Business Advocacy Department are to advocate and facilitate the implementation of the Chamber’s legislative agenda, and to provide research, logistical and drafting assistance to the Chamber’s committees.
    • Advocating continually the Chamber’s position to legislators and public officials, both on the federal, state and county level, on key legislation that impacts the business community.
    • Maintaining an active voice at the Capitol, such as opposing legislation that would negatively impact the business community and supporting legislation that would foster a healthy business climate.
    • Keeping membership apprised of legislative developments and bills that impact the business community. 
    • Mobilizing members’ support and participation in legislative advocacy activities, such as walk-arounds and letter-writing campaigns.
    • Assisting Chamber’s committees in the preparation and submittal of written testimony and delivery of oral testimony to the Hawaii State Legislature.
    • Researching, analyzing, and disseminating information on key legislation and providing status reports on prospective legislation to the Chamber’s committees.


The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii is the largest “Voice Of Business” at the Legislature

Get involved!  Contact your Chief Operating Office and Senior Vice President of Business Advocacy & Government Affairs
Sherry Menor-McNamara, 545-4300 x 394,



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