Last year, the Chamber implemented a tool called the "Action Alert" System. This new tool allowed members to send testimony on bills scheduled for hearings and send letters to their legislators, all in a few minutes.  Essentially, the Chamber sent Action Alerts to its members when action was needed. A description of the bill, a pre-written message, and recipients of the messages such as committee chairs and members' legislators were pre-set in the alerts. All members had to do was fill out their home information, insert some basic information in the "pre-written" letter, and click, "send." EASY!

This year, we are utilizing an improved Action Alert System, called e-Mobilize, a Heinz & Associates product. This system, features resourceful information that our members can easily access. Such features include: ACTION ALERTS, PRIORITY ISSUES, BILL TRACKING, VOTING RECORDS, LEGISLATORS, and other pertinent features.  

Action AlertsPriority IssuesBill TrackingVoting Records

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This system will allow our members to stay informed on a daily basis. So, when your Chamber sends Action Alerts, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the requested information. Also, members are encouraged to visit the "Voice of Business" Legislative Action Center website ( on a daily basis to check for current Action Alerts and updated information.
Your voice will make a difference. The business community cannot afford to stay silent.



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